June 2020 – October 2020

– Case Description

The project, which commenced in June 2020 and was completed by October 2020, involved a range of stonework and brickwork tasks. Pana Stone, in collaboration with Sigma Homes, executed the installation of stone coping on the top terrace at the rear of the building, window bays featuring stone columns affixed to a steel frame, a front door portico with a steel structure, and the fitting of a cast stone panel with the name of the building into a steel beam. The intricate brickwork associated with the bay window parapets between the ground, first and second floors, covering the steel frame on both sides of the building, was also completed by our team. One of the challenges we encountered in this project was the complex fixing of the column cladding and hanging heads on hidden steel. The project utilized materials supplied by Amber Valley Stone, and we are pleased with the final result.